Category : Architectural Design

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Number of Students : 30

Perriod : 3 Month

Prize : 50000

Instructor : Md. Hasinur Islam(Hasin)

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Course Status: The mother art is architecture Course Price: 50000

Architectural Design

Architecture enriches our lives by offering us environments that are sensibly compelling, thought provoking, and capable of lifting our spirits. In addition to being beautiful, architecture is, by ancient definition, functional and durable. Like art, architecture is permeated by dualities. It is stable and transitory, measurable and immeasurable, and capable of both being touched and touching us. Like science, architecture involves systematic study. Its methods are iterative, experimental, and rely on intense observation. By intertwining the poetic and practical, architecture is uniquely poised to address the challenges of contemporary life and build the culture of the 21st century.

Course Objective

  • This course features a full set of assignments and the work of the students in the projects section. It also includes a set of studio images that give insights into the studio culture.
  • This is the the best design studio course. It introduces a full range of architectural ideas and issues through drawing exercises, analyses of precedents, and explored design methods.
  • Students will develop design skills by conceptualizing and representing architectural ideas and making aesthetic judgments about building design.
  • Discussions regarding architecture's role in mediating culture, nature and technology will help develop the students' architecturalvocabulary.

Course Outline

1. Understanding of the process of drawing output, from the discovery of the problem.
2. The formation of ideas, sketched painting system, the design, the output finalized FIG.
3. recognize how to interpret blueprints, drawings, and narrative expression commonly used graphics chart ... etc engineer the necessary graphics capability and literacy and today's engineering graphics tools and the use of time.

Introducing with the plane began to sketch the basic skills, including drawing lines, circles, ellipses and arcs manner, and explains how to implement the application of these life drawing skills.

Computer graphics with basic graphics tools (Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator etc.)

1. Lines, arcs and angles of any decile; polygon rendering.
2. Ellipse drawing; parabolic draw.
3. Grid lines and the AutoCAD snap (grid and snap).
4. The AutoCAD drawing oval (ellipse).
5. The AutoCAD drawing cloud-shaped line (spline), parabola.
6. The AutoCAD drawing polymerization line (polyline).

1. Depth "projection" of the principles and characteristics of the relationship between three-dimensional and two-dimensional plan. 2. Three common perspective view points isometric view, oblique projection and perspective projection, drawing principles and their application timing.

1. Perspective diagram types; Projection features; isometric and isometric drawing.
2. The AutoCAD drawing isometrics;
3. Plan view and an isometric view of the AutoCAD; Zoom and the AutoCAD mirror (scale and mirror);
4. The AutoCAD rotation (rotate); chamfer the AutoCAD fillet (fillet and chamfer);
5. The AutoCAD array (array); the AutoCAD drawing and isometrics EG-Cube.

1. Dimension.
2. Frame and title bar.
3. Fill the Auto CAD line (hatch).
4. The Auto CAD object properties.
5. The Auto CAD layer (layer).
6. The Auto CAD dimension style settings.
7. The Auto CAD dimensioning (dimension) and leads the Auto CAD text annotations.
8. Configuring the Auto CAD drawing, frame and page settings (layout).
9. Different proportions of the Auto CAD dimension text size adjustment.