Category : E-Mail Marketing

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Number of Students : 30

Perriod : 2 month

Prize : 12000

Instructor : Md. Faruk Ahmed

Course Forum : Web Developer

Course Status: Making Skill About E-mail Course Price: 12000

E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing Overview:

Email marketing is a little like the Swiss Army knife of marketing: A single email list can be used to drive the following: Sales Customer Engagement Customer Acquisition Lead Generation/Nurturing Customer Retention & Loyalty Brand Awareness With a properly segmented email list it is possible for businesses of any size to send out multiple campaigns each month that: Target specific customers, and Focus on achieving one of the goals listed above, in each campaign. Like all marketing, email marketing is about communicating with your customers, but the difference is in the benefit to you and your customers.

Email Marketing:

In this course, you will learn to use email to simultaneously market your brand, build customer relationships, sell your products, and announce your events – all at the click of a button. Upon completing this course, you will: • Know the elements of marketing emails. • Know the appropriate content to use in your email campaign. • Know how to implement your email marketing campaign. • Know how to build your email list. • Be prepared to choose your email marketing provider. • Be able to measure the success of your email campaign.

Course Objective

Course Outline

Start an email marketing plan. Familiarize with the various types of email communications.

Learn the advantages of the different text formats (HTML or Plain Text). Discover the right components for your marketing emails.

Build your email with the appropriate content. Learn strategies to keep your emails from being classified as spam.

Establish your email campaign goals. Decide on a target audience. Set strategies. Learn email marketing legal guidelines.

Learn ways to build your email list via customer interaction. Build your email list through a website subscribe form. Use a list broker to buy mailing lists.

Learn about quality email providers. • Check to see if email provider is blacklisted. • Compare email providers.

Check your open rates, click-through-rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates. • Measure success by sending two different email versions (A/B Split Testing). • Understand email display problems. • Test how spam filters react to your campaign email