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Instructor : Md. Ishtiaque Rahman

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Java 2 Standard Edition

Java is an object oriented Programming language invented by James Gosling and is one of the most dynamic languages used in today’s world. J2SE is the standard edition of Java, commonly known as Core Java. This edition is based on the basic concepts of Java language. J2SE is primarily concerned with the applets and development of web-based individual computer applications. All the standard programs can be coded in J2SE using Java APIs and for that JVM is needed. JRE is the environment for executing java applications. J2SE applications are standalone Java programs and Java beans development technology. J2SE contains basic java libraries of all the package utilities. J2SE is also known as plain Java since it covers all core features of Java and every other edition is dependent on Java. Major applications of J2SE include game development and playing audio & watching flash movies on a web page.

Course Objective

Course Outline

What is OOPs?, Why OOPs?,Advantages of OOPS, Applications of OOPs.

· Features of Java · Requirements of Java · Java environment · Java and Internet

· Structure of a Java Program, · Tokens in Java, · Java Statements, JVM

Constants,Variables, Data Types, Variable Declaration , Scope of Variables , Symbolic Constants ,Type Casting

Types of Operators ,Arithmetic Expression ,Precedence of Arithmetic Operators , Arithmetic Expression Evaluation ,Type Conversions in Evaluation

Classes ,Objects ,Methods ,Constructors , Methods Overloading ,Inheritance ,Overriding Methods .Final Variables, Methods and Classes , Finalizer Methods ,Abstract Methods and Classes ,Access Specifiers

Arrays , Strings , Vectors ,Wrapper Classes ,Enumeration ,Annotations

Thread creation ,Life cycle of a Thread ,Thread Methods and exceptions ,Thread Synchronization

Error types, Exceptions , Catch Statements, Finally Statements, Debugging

Introduction to Applet, Building Applet Code, Life Cycle of an Applet, Applet Creation, Applet Execution, Applet and HTML

Introduction to Streams, Stream Classes, Byte Stream and Character Stream Classes, File Class, Inpit/Output Exceptions, File Creation, Concatenating And Buffering Files, Random Access Files